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Energy Efficient Street Lighting

The introduction of energy efficient street lighting is not only a step to reduce the world’s greenhouses gas emissions but also to become more energy efficient. The energy efficient street lighting can help to reduce the energy use by over 60%. The efficient equipment reduces light pollution has a pleasant and good-looking light color.

The following categories for the street lighting are applicable: Street lighting; solar street lighting; Flood Spotlight; Tunnel lighting, billboard lighting. Under those categories, different lighting technologies are currently used:

  • Clip-in off-the-shelf modules – represents the capsulated LED-Module. The application of the technology is in traditional lighting fixture as “retrofit” from bulb to LED.
  • Len system – each LED cluster is covered by separate lens. Advantages: good light distribution and quality of heat management;
  • Lens and reflector technology – it is a new technology that each LED is lighting the entire street surface. No dark spots on the surface.

The solar lighting system is the most innovative in the world exterior lighting. The advanced technology allows to combined both LED and solar technology. Advantages: Easy to install and maintain; Fully sustainable technology; Ultra high power; High efficiency; Life cycle costs – typically 20% of the existing technology.

The following links below provide additional information: